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 Ditch Creation & Maintenance in Swindon

No matter the size from a small stream running around the edge of your back garden to a large drainage ditch system draining fields and parks they all need maintaining. 

Vegetation, litter and other debris combined with natural erosion creating sediment can all build up to reduce the efficiency and the capacity of the drainage system.

Clearing these obstacles and maintaing a streamline shape helps to ensure that water drains away from your property as efficiently as possible thus reducing the possibillity of boggy ground and in the worst case flooding.

What we can offer:

  • Basic clearance of any sediment and debris from just the middle of the drainage ditch or stream.
  • Cleatance of the middle of the ditch or stream and reshaping of the banks e.g. create a 'V' shape ditch
  • Rerouting of the ditches and streams may be an option on some sites.
  • Removal of the excavated debris and sediment from the site.
  • Spreading/leveling of the excavated debris over surrounding ground or any area of your choice.

 Please take a look of some examples of some of the drianage system maintenance projects undertaken by Earthmoving Services:


If you do not have any ditches or streams in place but feel they would be an ideal solution to draining your property or site then why not give Earthmoving Services a call to discuss the feasibility of creating some for you, in the right environment they can become a unqiue feature of the land and a habitat for natural wildlife.

Below is a short clip of the final stages of a ditch clearance project:

Not sure if an open drainage system is suitable for you, why not have a look at our Soakaways & Land Drains page.


"Earthmoving services were a pleasure to deal with. Sympathetic to requirements and also open to making suggestions for the betterment of our project. I found them to be reliable, punctual and utterly professional. I have no problems in recommending them to anyone and everyone. Great work" - Mr. G. Little