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Improve the soil in your lawn with Earthmoving Services of Swindon!

Earthmoving Services provides high standard custom topsoil spreading services for soil amendments like gypsum, compost, blends, lime and more. We serve both domestic and commercial customers throughout Swindon and the surrounding areas.

What is topsoil?

Topsoil is a garden soil mix that contains silt, sand and clay in varying proportions. Combined, these form the best garden mix, suitable for an ideal plant growing environment. Topsoil is the upper layer of soil (normally the top 5-20 cm) and it has a very high concentration of micro-organisms and organic matter.

Are you planning to start a gardening project?

If you're starting a landscaping/ gardening project it is important to have your soil checked and see whether this is a good environment to grow plants. Depending on the plants that you want to grow, there are some “desired levels of Topsoil nutrients”. At Earthmoving Services of Swindon, we supply, distribute and level new topsoil to prepare your site accordingly.

How can we help?

Spreading even layers of topsoil over an entire lawn or yard is a physically demanding process, that's why it recommendable to seek the help of professional topsoil spreading specialists. At Earthmoving Services we offer high standard top soil spreading services across Swindon and further afield and we guarantee a top quality finish at all times.

We will carry out the following steps:

  1. We will start by cleaning the existing soil of debris, roots, litter and stones bigger than 20mm.
  2. We will create small piles of soil as it will make it easier for us to level it later.
  3. The clean soil will then be mixed with other components (if required) and then evenly layered on the surface to make sure that the area is completely ready for the next project, be it gardening, landscaping or any other type of site work.

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